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1. Apr., 2012

omg I

I am reading about historical linguistics online (instead of doing my homework oops) and it is legitimately bringing tears to my eyes


In this moment, I have absolutely no second thoughts about my planned choice of major. This is way more exciting to me than it probably should be god I can't handle

With history homework it's so easy to go off on these rabbit trails though. So many clues as to how my favourite languages were formed ;~;
I wonder if I can re-take classes I've already taken at my school without petitioning or anything? Because I really want to take life drawing again, just you know to WASTE TIME and have to spend 4 years on a degree that should only take 2 but damn it I feel like I could really use it. I really want to beat the mushiness out of my art haha

it'd be a really relaxing summer class, too bad that's not an option even >:|
maybe, as I was copying down my study guide for the test tomorrow by hand to ingrain the information firmly in my mind, was a bad time to try and learn cursive writing

it will be faster in the long run but LOL god, what even

idk what comes over me

(adhd that's what)

(also I'm really hoping my harddrive is not failing again... my cursor was lagging earlier and IDK if it was just firefox being an ass with my RAM, or if it was Actual Problems

backing up everything just in case! Slightly tempted to invest in a new PC; this toshiba laptop is a piece o' junq)


14. Feb., 2012


this finnish ass is always tryna be me online >:(

like if my name is ever taken

it's always him
So I got a haircut yesterday; I was nervous because it's hard to find people who know what to do with curly hair, but this girl did a pretty decent job IMO! Also, look what I found at a local bookstore:

Times like these, living in Minnesota is cool (I actually found it on Amazon.de, and realized the shop who was selling it was like 2 miles away loool, so I just went there the next day instead of paying $20 shipping... THEY WEREN'T EVEN SHIPPING FROM EUROPE, golly)!

This book is making me crey like a babby btw :C


8. Feb., 2012

"Women are equals, they are allowed to vote
Don't tie them up and put them on your boat"

-A gem of American wisdom from my European History prof

hes a brilliant thinker i rly look forward 2 his "American Hávamál"

but really tho i love that class

I totally bonded with this girl in there the other day too over Parks and Rec. Lecture was about the Vikings and I was telling her after class that were I a less shy person, I would have quipped "DANMARK ØDELÆGGER ALLE" and she totally got it LOOOOOL

if you do not understand the reference you are not of the chosen ones

Yeah so during the break during Critical Thinking tonight my friend and I just left and went to the opening night of the MCTC Theatre production of Rocky Horror Picture Show (MY OTHER FRIEND WAS IN IT OKAY WE PROMISED HER WE'D GO!!! also in critical thinking we spend way too much time going over what we read in the book and it's like OKAY SHE'S A GOOD PROF OTHERWISE BUT THIS IS COLLEGE I WOULDN'T MIND THE ASSUMPTION THAT WE ACTUALLY DO OUR READING ASSIGNMENTS, when i come to class I want to learn something new :/// )

Anyway at the show they had audience members planted to shout the obscenities lmao THEY REALLY GIVE U DA WHOLE EXPERIENCE

Sans the toast. The program said, and I quote "I... ask you not to throw rice, toast, or other paraphernalia at the actors" ok thanks for telling me i would have never guessed that that was um idk a HORRIBLE IDEA

gotta cover your bases i guess though, after all, not everyone is as classy as I

I forgot to turn in my critical thinking homework in person though... better type that shit up and dropbox it before the e-dropbox closes lol RESPONSIBLE COLLEGE STUDENT! no but i get A's tho <:J

Bringin' dishonour to the honour society

also yeah my fren, who I also take french with, is convinced that "Tu quoque" is secretly french, and is a question.

Tu quoque???
omg i am so glad I find people I can laugh at stupid shit that makes no sense with

god i never want to leave college, it's da best place in the world


4. Feb., 2012

what has come over me?

i require all the middle eastern and indian pop music
my friend linked me to this: http://waterfoxproj.sourceforge.net/ today, just FYI for those who don't know and also refuse to switch to chrome.

If you're running Windows 7 64bit it runs a lot smoother, with fewer hangups than regular firefox. and it doesn't pull dumb shenanigans in task manager/have a useless adblock like chrome :>

okay thanks a bunch FA, ask and ask about commissions then when I post offering them, lose all interest

I'm so broke :C I hope my loans come in time to pay internet if that's how it's gonna be >:|

ok resolutions time!

These were my resolutions for 2011:

Read more...Collapse )

Now art-wise:
2011 was a good year for art I think, especially since I could just sit down and draw 24/7 most of the year. I think my biggest improvement was in construction, secondly, in colour. I switched from using multiply layers to the overlay technique, or just straight up hand-picking the colours, depending on the technique I was using

The tip to use 3D shapes to construct (obvious as it seems, I wasn't -really- doing it) helped with my solidity and hopefully I can continue that even as I branch away from Disney... it doesn't come naturally at all sob.

For the new year, here's what I want to work on:
Economy of line. when I do quick sketches, they're really scratchy and flat. I want to develop more confidence and a better understanding of structure, so it follows I should:
Be a creep, do more gesture of people IRL. And go to life drawing co-ops at MCAD.
Work with perspective. It intimidates the crap out of me but until I learn it I can't always express the ~pictures in my head~, which brings me to:
Stop being intimidated and do full pieces when the inspiration comes for it. If they really turn out bad, I can re-do them when I develop more skill
Thumbnail more. I hate planning, and when I do thumbnail I do like 3 and call it a day. This should change but oh god it's so boring

Non art related: obvious things like, be healthier, keep doing well in school etc etc MAYBE SAVE FOR ITALY LOL

IDK, happy new year flist!