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26. Sep., 2012

Do any of you guys know about moving internet?

I'm moving this weekend and I use Comcast, and I'm reading about people's experience with the transfer service option, and it sounds like they charge you a ridiculous fee just to move to a new place, so uh, any tips would be really great ty


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27. Sep., 2012 03:16 (UTC)
A lot of them charge redic prices to change, and you have to make an appointment in advance or you will be waiting forever. I just changed units in my apartment and they still charged me $65 to change service.
27. Sep., 2012 03:19 (UTC)
ughhhh gross! You can't even do the self installation like you would if you were a new customer?

at that rate I might just see if there's any DSL service available in the area :C
27. Sep., 2012 10:27 (UTC)
i set everything up myself, and when the tech guy got there he was like "you did my job for me! tee-hee" and then he said he still had ~~something to do outside~~ to finalize the installation. IDEK if he just went and farted around in our back yard or actually did something.
27. Sep., 2012 05:27 (UTC)
I've moved three times with Comcast. Every time I've done it I've always canceled my account and started up a new one at the new location. They ask you about it a few times and make sure that you don't want to transfer, but I've always opted to start a new account. That way, I benefit from getting new promotions and new hardware every time.

Actually, don't let them know that you are moving. Just tell them that you want to cancel. Then call back at the new location and start over.
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