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I just

After almost a year of Real Classes (sad they're ending so soon! I hope fall semester doesn't suq), I magically kind of like writing papers. Like I still procrastinate to all get out but once I start I just get really into it, idek

ther can b miracles when u bleev

I still call "no fair" though when we have to freewrite in class and exchange it with classmates. Scarred for life much? I'm weird about showing finished work to anyone who isn't a professor, gosh >:|

also I need a more summery Rasmus icon




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14. Apr., 2012 08:19 (UTC)
I think writing, like so many things, gets easier the more you have to do it. One of my bffs who was an English major even once said that by the end of her senior year, it wasn't even that she was a TON better at writing than she was freshman year, but that she could do it so much faster.

I am still slow as fuck because of my process but I know I can do it. Papers based on analyzing literature that need a "so what" kind of pop at the end have to be planned at least a day in advance because I tend to think of the "so what" for the conclusion only just as I am falling asleep.
14. Apr., 2012 16:05 (UTC)
I have to watch Prince of Egypt now. THANKS,
16. Apr., 2012 00:02 (UTC)
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