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6. Apr., 2012

wow I um

I guess I can kind of hold a conversation in French now. This guy from Cameroon (THE ARMPIT OF AFRICA, he calls it. It crax me up) started talking at me and I understood what he was saying (listening is hard ok) and could say things back. Nothing deep, but it's kind of exciting because so far I've only gotten to (and past) that level in Spanish and Italian.

That class is magical I guess-- the magic of a professor who actually bothers to speak the language they're teaching (I've had so many that were like "lol I'm not gonna use any English" and then that's all they use). My friend's habit of randomly babbling in French must be magical too because I've started doing it too hahaha, I'm sure it has helped.

LOL at the beginning of the year I was so whiny about not being able to get into French as much. I think that was a problem of "been there done that" with the grammar, since there are so few surprises compared to Italian and Spanish (whereas I'm on the edge of my seat a little more often with German). But actually using it is really fun and it's awkward because my foundation isn't suuuper solid (I've forgotten a couple embarrassingly basic things haha), but I guess that's where I'm at with it-- just using it and expanding vocabulary and getting the nuances down N DAT'S JUS HOW IT'S GONNA B