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7. Nov., 2012

apparently I can put up with a lot of crazy shit on my facebook feed, but bootstraps are where I stop being codependent and fucking unfriend you

looool good to know?

26. Sep., 2012

Do any of you guys know about moving internet?

I'm moving this weekend and I use Comcast, and I'm reading about people's experience with the transfer service option, and it sounds like they charge you a ridiculous fee just to move to a new place, so uh, any tips would be really great ty
wowwww this Swedish band I like called Movits! is doing a free concert in Minneapolis this Wednesday, craziness

I am excite but it also means missing German class for a night. Sad!


1. Sep., 2012

I just saw some commercial by ~americans for prosperity (for rich white people)~ and I love how people act like it must be Obama's fault that things haven't gotten that much better in the past 4 years. It's like they haven't learned how the federal government actually works, I mean, it's not like there are other branches of government overrun by their shitty party or anything like that

I am extremely nervous about the coming election :C If Romney gets in, what kind of shit will they pull with education ughhhh I'm already nervous I won't be able to get my bachelor's because of the stupid credit cutoff point

this country.


I made this character to potentially auction off

as it happens I got kind of.. attached. GOD DAMN IT sabotages self

I want to give it a Persian name


2. Maj., 2012

A lot of the IDs on my history final involve one of the King Louies and I just keep laughing because I always think of this chick and her historical mary sue http://redpassion.deviantart.com/

i just
I just

After almost a year of Real Classes (sad they're ending so soon! I hope fall semester doesn't suq), I magically kind of like writing papers. Like I still procrastinate to all get out but once I start I just get really into it, idek

ther can b miracles when u bleev

I still call "no fair" though when we have to freewrite in class and exchange it with classmates. Scarred for life much? I'm weird about showing finished work to anyone who isn't a professor, gosh >:|

also I need a more summery Rasmus icon



6. Apr., 2012

wow I um

I guess I can kind of hold a conversation in French now. This guy from Cameroon (THE ARMPIT OF AFRICA, he calls it. It crax me up) started talking at me and I understood what he was saying (listening is hard ok) and could say things back. Nothing deep, but it's kind of exciting because so far I've only gotten to (and past) that level in Spanish and Italian.

That class is magical I guess-- the magic of a professor who actually bothers to speak the language they're teaching (I've had so many that were like "lol I'm not gonna use any English" and then that's all they use). My friend's habit of randomly babbling in French must be magical too because I've started doing it too hahaha, I'm sure it has helped.

LOL at the beginning of the year I was so whiny about not being able to get into French as much. I think that was a problem of "been there done that" with the grammar, since there are so few surprises compared to Italian and Spanish (whereas I'm on the edge of my seat a little more often with German). But actually using it is really fun and it's awkward because my foundation isn't suuuper solid (I've forgotten a couple embarrassingly basic things haha), but I guess that's where I'm at with it-- just using it and expanding vocabulary and getting the nuances down N DAT'S JUS HOW IT'S GONNA B


2. Apr., 2012

I got 100 on my exam for history.

that was my whole goal in that class.

OKAY NOT really I actually really enjoy history on its own merits, but I'm pretty obnoxious about tests because he kept saying it was ~sUpEr HaRd~ to get 100. Fuq tha police; challenge accepted >:| I will rise to the occasion

Now I want to see the grade I got on my English paper ghkals;ghklas;gklg;askf I hope it's good